Protect Your Tesla with a Clear Bra

There are many advantages to installing Clear Bra paint protection to any car. A Clear Bra protects your vehicle’s paint surface from rocks, gravel, road tar, bugs, bird droppings, and tree sap.

DFW Clear Bra takes great pride in protecting your Tesla. You want your Tesla to always look fantastic. It is time to take extra steps to safeguard its exterior.

We provide paint protection film that will help you protect your Tesla paint. Protect your investment by installing a clear bra for your Tesla.


Advantages of using a Clear Bra to protect Tesla 

Which model of Tesla do you have? Tesla Model S, 3, X or Y? No need to worry now because DFW Clear Bra provides clear bra installation services on all Tesla models with digitally designed templates, so there’s no cutting on your car..

  • Protection from Road Debris

The main advantage of putting our paint protection film on your Tesla is shielding it from road debris that can cause chips, scratches, bug and bird dropping, and acids.

It\’s impossible to avoid road debris even on well-maintained roads. You don\’t have to stress about the bumper or the car\’s paint getting ruined when you have DFW Clear Bra install paint protection film.

  • Clear Bra for Your Tesla Provides Protection from the Sun

Combined with the sun\’s harmful UV rays, oxidation will damage your paint over time. Our paint protection film prevents oxidation and fading.

  • Makes Cleaning Easy

Our film is infused with nano-ceramic technology, making it the most stain-resistant film on the market.

  • Self-Healing

Our paint protection film is self-healing. Heat from the environment promotes healing of light clear coat scratches and swirl marks. This keeps your Tesla looking polished and new for years.

  • Clear Bra for Your Tesla Protects Your Investment

Your Tesla is expensive. Paint damage lessens your value. If you want to sell it later, it\’s important to keep it looking good. We report your installation and the car parts protected to Carfax holding the value of your Tesla.

Even if you\’re not planning to sell your car soon, our paint protection film saves money on upkeep.


Dfw Clear Bra: Your Installers for Clear Bra for Tesla

Paint protection film is a strong thermoplastic urethane that will protect your Tesla\’s paint from road hazards like rocks, bugs or chemicals.

Rely on DFW Clear Bra’s 15 years of experience to protect your new car.

Contact DFW Clear Bra. We can help you protect your Tesla and your investment.

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