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DFW Clear Bra offers top-quality clear bra paint protection film in Dallas. Protect your vehicle with our self-healing PPF, expert installation, and premium STEK films.

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Paint Protection Film is essential for maintaining your vehicle’s appearance by shielding it from road debris, scratches, and environmental damage. At DFW Clear Bra, we offer self-healing paint protection film in Dallas and Fort Worth, ensuring your car always looks its best. Our expert paint protection film installation services use high-quality materials, providing a durable and invisible layer of defense. For those searching for the best car paint protection film installation, our experienced installers deliver flawless results every time.

What Is Clear Bra For Cars?

Clear bra for cars, also known as paint protection film, is a transparent, durable film applied to your vehicle’s surface to protect it from chips, scratches, and other damage. Available in matte & high gloss finishes, this advanced film is self-healing, meaning minor scratches disappear on their own, maintaining the film’s clarity and protection. Paint protection film is an excellent investment for preserving your car’s finish, enhancing its longevity, and ensuring it remains in showroom condition.

Self Healing

8-10mm thick


Multiple Finishes


Paint Protection Film

Lucid Air

Paint Protection Film

Mclaren GT

Paint Protection Film


Paint Protection Film

DFW Clear Bra

PPF vs Ceramic Coatings

Both PPF (clear bra) and ceramic coatings offer excellent protection for your vehicle, but they serve different purposes. PPF is the most durable form of car paint protection, providing a robust shield against chips, scratches, and road debris. Ceramic coatings, on the other hand, offer a glossy finish with hydrophobic properties, making your car easier to clean and resistant to environmental contaminants. Combining PPF with a ceramic coating provides the ultimate paint protection shield, maximizing both durability and appearance for your vehicle. This combination is ideal for Dallas drivers, offering the best protection against the harsh desert
climate and ensuring your car stays in immaculate condition.

Benefits of PPF

Self-Healing Technology

erase imperfections

PPF’s self-healing technology makes minor scratches and swirl marks disappear with heat, ensuring a flawless finish

Robust Protection

Scratch Prevention

Shields your vehicle’s paint from scratches, chips, and dings caused by road debris and environmental hazards.

ease of maintenance

Preserve Appearance

PPF makes washing your vehicle easier, as dirt and grime are less likely to adhere to the surface.



Choose from a sleek matte/satin finish or high-gloss shine to match your vehicle’s style and enhance its aesthetic appeal.

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Coverage options

At DFW Clear Bra we have multiple coverage options to meet your personal vehicle’s needs. Whether you simply want to cover the high-impact areas of your vehicle from knicks and chips, or the whole vehicle from road debris, chemicals, stains, and more, we have you covered… literally. With precise computer-plotted templates, we’ll ensure your vehicle is perfectly protected without any gaps, bubbles, lifting, or the need to use a knife on your vehicle to cut the film. You can be assured you will get expert installation techniques from expert installers here at DFW Clear Bra.


Partial Front

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Full Front

Most coverage

Full Vehicle