Residential and Commercial Window Tinting

Residential and Commercial Window Tinting Services: Enhancing Comfort, Privacy, and Protection

Windows play an essential role in your home or office by allowing natural light and offering a connection with the outside world. However, they can also create issues related to heat, glare, fading, and privacy. At DFW Clear Bra, we provide high-quality residential window tinting and commercial window tinting services to help you enjoy the benefits of windows without compromising on comfort, privacy, or protection.

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Why Choose Window Film?

You can expect to enjoy the following benefits:

Heat Reduction

The summer sun can cause a significant increase in temperature indoors, leading to higher energy bills and discomfort. Our window films can reduce up to 79% of the sun’s heat, cutting cooling costs by up to 30%. Additionally, this will make your home or office more comfortable while giving your HVAC system a break.

Glare Reduction

Annoying glare can be a problem, especially when trying to watch TV or work on a computer. Our window films are designed to minimize glare without compromising the view from your windows, ensuring that you can enjoy your space without distractions.

Fading Prevention

The sun’s UV rays can cause fading of interior furnishings, such as leather couches or wooden floors. Our window films offer 99.9% UV protection, ensuring that your valuables remain in excellent condition for longer.

Security Enhancement

In the event of a natural disaster, vandalism, or accidental damage, window films can help hold the damaged glass together, similar to car windshields. This added layer of protection can minimize injuries and prevent a dangerous mess.

Decoration & Privacy

Lastly, decorative window film is an affordable and stylish way to add privacy and design elements to your windows. With numerous styles and designs available, we can provide the perfect window film solution for your home or office.

Choosing The Right Window Film

Selecting the right window film for your residential window tinting or commercial window tinting needs depends on your requirements and budget. Generally, there are three categories of window films:


Metalized or “dual-reflective” films reflect and bounce heat and glare off windows, reducing energy bills and improving indoor comfort. These films, however, may not offer the desired external aesthetics.


Dyed, pigment, or hybrid window films absorb the sun’s heat and UV rays, providing a more natural look inside and outside. This type of film may not be ideal in extremely hot or sunny situations, as it can cause added stress on the glass.


– Premium ceramic window films offer exceptional heat absorption and clarity, making them an excellent choice for those who want all the benefits of window film without altering the view.

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