Clear Bra Facts


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What is ClearCoatFilm Paint Protection?
ClearCoatFilm is an adhesive backed urethane film that protects the paint of your vehicle from rock chips, scratches and other damage caused by bugs, bird droppings and other factors. The name was derived from the old time “car” bra that was used commonly on sports cars like the 280Z.
Are there differences between films?
There are significant differences between manufacturers. ClearCoatFilm paint protection has self healing properties, so scratches heal themselves when exposed to heat or sun. Outstanding stain resistance means bugs, bird droppings tree sap and hard water deposits will wash away without evidence of staining.
Custom or Kits?
We utilize digital imaging to create templates that exhibit straight lines and round curves. Our patterns reach the very edge of each panel so there is little to no exposed paint. There is nothing custom about hand-cutting the film on your new car. You bring your car to us to protect the paint, not risk cutting it with a razor knife.
Can the dealer install it?
Avoid the dealer mark-up and get a flawless installation. We also offer the industries best digitally designed templates for consistently accurate installations; every make every model, every time. The self-healing top coat will retain its just polished appearance for years. We offer a five year warranty by the manufacturer. We do not compromise. If the dealer can say the same thing, that’s what I would ask for.
Are you mobile?
No. There are circumstances where exceptions are made, but our location offers a well lighted, draft-free and clean environment. Your garage may only have limited lighting and areas exposed to dirt, wind, heat, cold and rain. We safely utilize automotive lifts to avoid crawling on the floor. Best of all if there is an issue, you don’t have to wait until our next installment is on your side of town.
Care and Maintenance
ClearCoatFilm is easy to clean and will resist scratching, unlike other films. The proprietary top coat contains self-healing properties that maintains a high gloss shine. Buffing and swirl marks simply fade away. We recommend waxing twice a year to keep the film clean. Otherwise, it resists stains from bird droppings, hard water deposits and bug acids.
How long will the film last?
The film comes with a five year manufacturer warranty against cracking, bubbling or yellowing. ClearCoatFilm will continue to work as long as it is on the paint. As technology improves the quality and stain resistance of the film, it survives for longer periods. We can’t predict how you will maintain the surface but our experience is that your vehicle will maintain a freshly polished appearance for years to come. DO NOT USE COMPOUNDS OR SANDING MATERIALS ON THE FILM.
What about Removal?
ClearCoatFilm paint protection can be removed without damaging original paint. Lift a corner and pull towards your body with a stretching motion off the surface. us the same method of the popular picture hanger that comes off the wall by stretching the piece downward. ClearCoatFilm has a well balanced adhesive so that it is easier to remove than other competitors films. Visual inspection will determine when the film is ready to be removed. See your friendly installer for advice.
Will it pull paint from repainted cars?
It can. Body shops using Best Practices of preparing the panel, applying the paint and curing according to those practices receive good reviews. We recommend using the painters suggested waiting time for your installation.

We accept no liability for pulled paint since we do not control the paint installation process.