About Us


Digitally designed templates provide a custom installation with straight lines and round curves.

No CUTTING on your car me ans no chance of damaging the paint on your investment. We are expected to protect the paint not risking damage by cutting on it with a razor knife. Our designs provide protection where a hand and knife don’t belong.

Chris Gaisbauer Owner/Installer

Almost ten years ago, after almost 25 years in the insurance business , Chris Gaisbauer opened DFW Clear Bra . Chris identified paint protection as a growing industry, but It wasn’t an easy beginning. The country fell into a recession and auto sales plummeted. Never one to quit, he honed his skills and his reputation for service and outstanding installations. He’s highly respected in the industry and now teaches his craft to others looking for an opportunity to work in a new industry.

or ten years he has developed his skills and shared his craft with


Maintaining Pride

The cars we drive are an important part of our lives. Daily drivers, classics, exotics or weekend only loves, DFW Clear Bra protects the paint from damage.

We are committed to delivering the best service and installations of paint protection film to make the pride you have in you car last longer.

We combine 10 years experience with dedication to excellence . The result is a remarkable customer experience.